Jd Avia Elektrichka Raspisanie Poisk Kupit Pokupka

The ELITE organization is pleased to announce the ELITE4Africa initiative under the mentorship program! For the latest information and news, check out or blog!

Get Involved

If you have gotten this far, then you want to be a part of the ELITE Leadership Conference and Mentorship program! Whether you are in high-school or in post secondary we have a place for you. Attend the conference, become a role model or help organize events and fundraisers. Not only does it look great on your resume, connect with driven and passionate individuals. Simply click on this link and your on your way to meeting great people and doing great things all while having a blast!

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Our Sponsors

It takes a village to raise a child. With the contribution of our sponsors, the Leadership Conference has been promoting growth in our youth since 2006. Now along with the Mentorship program, we are grateful to our sponsors for making this year a success. We cannot thank these organizations enough so take the time and check them out, or even write to them and tell them how much the ELITE Leadership Conference and Mentorship program mean to you! If you are a sponsor and would like to contribute this year, please feel free to get a hold of us here

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We hold many fundraisers around the year to help facilitate the Conference and Mentorship program. For these events, we always could use a few helping hands! From bottle drives to doughnut sales, we need you. Or if you have the drive and passion to organize a fundraiser at you school or in your community, then we want to help you! Contact us and we will cover for any necessary costs and provide volunteers. Just send us a message via the form .

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